Doggie high school

Do you have a teenage dog (4-18 months old) who missed out on puppy preschool?

Doggie High School(9)

A significant number of young dogs are surrendered to shelters when cute little puppies grow into boisterous teenagers and owners find it difficult to train or handle them. Doggie high school is specifically designed for juvenile and adolescent dogs who are too old for puppy preschool but too young to be grouped with socially mature adult dogs.


Even if pet owners attend puppy preschool with their new puppies, few continue further training. Dogs go through a physical and mental developmental spurt from about 4-18 months of age with unique challenges, but they are likely to be grouped with adult dogs, who have already reached social maturity and are, therefore, in a different life and learning stage. Doggie high school fills in the gap between puppy preschool and adult dog training classes due to specifically catering for developing dogs.

Who is it for?
  • anyone with a “teenage” dog
  • anyone struggling with the boisterousness of their once cute little puppy
  • anyone who would like more training for their developing dog after puppy preschool (there is no prerequisite of attending doggie high school, but name recognition and the ability to sit on cue would be advantageous)
  • anyone questioning why they have a dog after all and feel like they’re at their wit’s end…
What is included?
  • small group training classes for a specific target age group: juvenile and adolescent dogs
  • strong focus on education about dog behaviour and this unique developmental stage (and how to survive…)
  • minimum 3, maximum 5 dogs per course
  • 5 week course with one 60-minute training session per week
Doggie High School(7)
What is the difference?
  • qualified, experienced behavioural trainer
  • using only science-based force free training methods proven to work
  • family members are encouraged to attend classes
  • customised training program including exercises and educational topics relevant to client and dog needs