Puppy Preschool

Group classes for newly adopted puppies focusing on socialisation and basic training


Attending puppy preschool with your new companion is crucial especially if you want a well-socialised, confident pup. Exposing baby puppies (8 to 15 weeks of age) to new environments, people, dogs and experiences in a safe and supportive way means setting them up to become well-adjusted canine citizens of our society.


Puppies have a short few weeks in their lives called the “critical socialisation period” until about 16 weeks of age and they need to start getting out and about in appropriate places during this time. Not socialising your new pup during this important developmental stage can cause future behavioural problems which are not always reversible.


Attending puppy preschool means puppies are not fully vaccinated yet, but that’s not a problem! First vaccination is enough to start puppy preschool and the surface is disinfected before classes. The benefits of careful early socialisation outweigh the minimal risk of contracting any illness. We have a strict Vaccination and Parasite Control Policy in place to minimise the risk of spreading contagious diseases during group classes. (Please get in touch with us for copies of the policies.)

qualified, accredited and fully insured trainers

Our trainers have spent years completing the Certificate IV in Companion Animal Services with Delta Institute and are qualified dog behavioural trainers as well as full financial members of professional organisations such as the Pet Professional Guild Australia and Delta Institute. They have current comprehensive professional indemnity, public liability and product safety insurance through Marsh Advantage Insurance.

program, class size

Puppy preschool runs for four (4) consecutive weeks with one 60-minute lesson per week. Classes are offered on various weekdays depending on the venue. Class size is limited to 5 puppies per class at our North Ryde location and to 6 puppies per class at our Yagoona location. Courses run frequently throughout the year and are filled on a first come, first served basis.

science-based training methods

The program curriculum is based on industry best practice guidelines and all our trainers use positive reinforcement (also known as reward-based method), which have been proven to work best when teaching animals new behaviours.

locations, contact

We currently offer puppy preschool classes at the following locations. For upcoming start dates please get in touch with the below contacts:

RSPCA NSW Sydney ShelterDr Paws Veterinary Clinic North Ryde
201 Rookwood Road, Yagoona NSW 2199 (get directions here)

Contact: Sue Bailey

Email: wagschool@y7mail.com

Phone: 0410 747 885

384 Lane Cove Road, North Ryde, NSW 2113 (get directions here)

Email: northryde@drpaws.com.au

Phone: 02 9888 1833