Qualified Dog Behavioural Trainer

Science-based, force-free methods – no outdated training techniques

Bea Labady MA CPDT MDI is a full professional member of the Delta Institute and the Pet Professional Guild Australia – both organisations promoting force-free, modern training methods. As a Fear Free Certified professional, she is an advocate for the emotional well-being of animals.

Bea has acquired current, science-based knowledge of dog behaviour through an industry leading dog behavioural training course, Certificate IV in Companion Animal Services (Delta Institute) and is committed to using positive reinforcement only to modify animal behaviour.

She has extensive hands-on experience with dogs of all breeds and sizes and many years of assessing, rehabilitating and working with rescue dogs in a shelter environment and post-adoption.

Bea is also a trainer and assessor for psychiatric assistance dog organisation mindDog and assessor for school literacy program, Story Dogs. For more information on qualifications and training methods used, please see “certificates and awards.”

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Services Offered

One-on-one Training

To target basic training problems such as pulling on leash or excessive jumping.

Dog Behaviour Consultations

To address problem behaviours such as fear, leash reactivity or excessive barking.

Puppy School

Family friendly, in-home lessons for puppies between 8-16 weeks of age.

Canine Good Citizen™ Award

To recognise all well-mannered doggie citizens in the community.

mindDog training

Assistance Dog Training

For those enrolled in the mindDog program (psychiatric assistance dogs).

Other Services

We may be able to help with other enquiries such as dog behaviour assessments or one-on-one walks so please send us an email.