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cavoodle puppy

Puppy Preschool

Group classes for newly adopted puppies focusing on socialisation and basic training I WANT A WELL-SOCIALISED DOG! Attending puppy preschool with your new companion is crucial especially if you want a well-socialised, confident pup. Exposing baby puppies (8 to 15 weeks of age) to new environments, people, dogs and experiences in a safe and supportive … Continue reading Puppy Preschool

doggie friends

Doggie high school

Group classes for juvenile and adolescent dogs (4-18 months old) A significant number of young dogs are surrendered to shelters when cute little puppies grow into boisterous teenagers and owners find it difficult to train or handle them. Doggie high school is specifically designed for juvenile and adolescent dogs who are too old for puppy … Continue reading Doggie high school

Hungarian vizsla playful

One-on-one training

If you need help with a training problem (e.g. puppy biting, loose leash walking, recall, settling at home, not jumping up)

Pet minding, dog walking

If you need a reliable dog walker/pet sitter to look after your pet(s) while you’re away Leaving pets in their own environment with someone regularly visiting can be less stressful for them and it saves time for pet parents as most boarding kennels are located on the outskirts of the Sydney Metropolitan area. Who is … Continue reading Pet minding, dog walking


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