Dog behaviour consultation and training

If you need help with a behaviour problem (e.g. leash reactivity, excessive digging or barking)

Who is it for?

Anyone who thinks their dog has problem behaviours such as excessive barking, dog reactivity, shyness, fearfulness, you name it. The consultation includes a thorough assessment of the problem behaviour(s), one-on-one training plus a customised training and management plan.

What is included?
  • in-home assessment and consultation with immediate management and training advice
  • detailed and personalised written management and training plan
  • professional advice from a qualified dog behavioural trainer using best practice force-free training methods based on science
  • long-term solution instead of quick fixes (which might not only be unrealistic and unethical, but potentially dangerous)
  • absolutely no out-dated and aversive training methods such as choke chains or shock collars (which often exacerbate the underlying problem)
How much does it cost?
  • initial in-home consultation costs $160 (approx. 1.5 hours)
  • the amount of additional lessons are estimated after the initial assessment depending on individual needs
  • option to pay one session at a time or choose an affordable prepaid package
  • free home visits within the following council areas: Burwood, Canada Bay, Cumberland, Hunters Hill, Parramatta, Ryde and Strathfield
  • small extra travel fee outside the above council areas
aggression cases

If your dog has shown overt, unprovoked aggression to a human or other animal, please contact a Registered Specialist in Veterinary Behavioural Medicine or a Behaviour Veterinarian.

If unsure what overt aggression means, please have a look at the Canine Ladder of Aggression by Kendal Shepherd and look for the “red” zone (snapping and biting).