Do you want to have a well-mannered dog that is a pleasure to take places?

Delta Institute offers a unique award that is available for all the well-mannered canine citizens in the community. The certification is open to anyone who can manage their pet adequately and whose dogs do not show concerning behaviours in public. (For help with a behaviour problem, click here.)


  • dogs must be at least 12 months of age – there is no upper age limit
  • dogs must be microchipped, registered and up-to date with vaccinations and worming
  • only safe and humane dog training equipment is allowed (no choke chains, prong collars, head halters or retractable leads)
  • only a Delta Institute Accredited CGC™ Award trainer (who is a current member of Delta Institute) can assess your dog during training lessons
  • only force-free methods are used for training

For more information on the assessment criteria, please visit Delta Institute’s website here.

What you’ll get

Successful candidates will receive a Certificate from the Delta Institute and a Canine Good Citizen™ collar tag.

The long-term aim of Delta Institute is “to influence where people are able to go with their dogs such as travelling on public transport, accommodation etc.”

(Please note, at this stage, CGC™ certified dogs have the same rights as other companion dogs.)

The training & ASSESSMENT process

The aim of the initial assessment is to see where you and your canine friend are at with your skills. Based on your dog’s previously learned cues and your handling skills, we will recommend a training program (3 or 5 lessons) – some handlers and dogs need more practice, while others need less.

There are 14 different tasks to complete (such as walking on a loose leash, leaving a food item on request, appropriate reaction to another dog, settling on a mat, coming when called). Each task has to be successfully performed in three different scenarios (e.g. familiar environment, local park, busier area). Your trainer/assessor will tick off the completed tasks during the lessons.


  • initial assessment (60-90 mins) costs $160 including a customised written plan
  • one-on-one lessons cost $285 (3×45 min lessons) or $450 (5×45 min lessons)
  • $30 payable separately to Delta Institute to order the certificate and tag


To book your initial assessment, please fill in the below questionnaire form so we have a better understanding of your dog’s current behaviour and learned cues.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email on or call/text on 0424 166 167.