One-on-one training

One hour private lessons to address basic training problems
Who is it for?

For dog owners who have previously attended private consultation but need more coaching or their dog needs more training (same problem or another issue).

For owners who think their dog needs more training in one or more areas and would like someone to come to their home and train their dog – and maybe themselves too.

For rescue dogs who might not be suitable to attend group training classes and would benefit more from one-on-one training sessions instead of group training classes due to fear, anxiety, leash reactivity or dog aggresion.

What is included?
  • one hour private training
  • can be used as a one-off session for basic training problems such as pulling on the leash and jumping up or
  • to teach new behaviours like stay, come, leave it or mat settling
  • owners can choose whether they want to train their dog under under the trainer’s guidance (in which case trainer coaches owners through the exercises)
  • if owners want the trainer to teach their dog, they don’t need to be present during the training (only for a “handover session” for consistency)
How much does it cost?
  • $95 per 60 minute session
  • free home visits in the following council areas: Burwood, Canada Bay, Cumberland, Hunters Hill, Inner West, Lane Cove, Parramatta, Ryde, Strathfield and Willoughby
  • small extra travel fee outside the above council areas – please call or email for an exact quote